defiantHole IS .OFFLINE
(For Now)

Welcome to what was our defiantHole alternate DNS Service!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the project has been put on hold for a short while and shold be brought back to life as soon as possible!

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Our Mission (Was…)


Our mission was to hide adverts on the internet and let people see only what they wanted to see.

Powered by the ever successful Pi-hole®, our DefiantHole public DNS service was free to use by anybody who wished to dump those adverts once and for all.

With over one million sites blacklisted – you could have looked no further for hope of a cleaner browsing experience!


To use our DefiantHole service, it is simply a case of changing your Computer / Router settings. Set your primary server to which is closest and your secondary to the other: 


Server 1






Server 2




DefiantHole No-Longer Live Status

Here you could have taken a look at our live stats and see for yourself how DefiantHole is already helping lots of users!

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